Saturday, August 11, 2007

I cannot believe...

... that we leave Paris in five and a half weeks! I'm so nervous and excited! We are packing in mid-September and flying out just a few days later. We'll be with family and friends for a little over 3 months in the US and then we're back to Europe, to start our new life in Rome just after Christmas.

I have some major concerns leading up to this move and the main one is that we don't know anything about where we'll be living. Someone with my husbands office helps to coordinate our housing and we'll find out AFTER we leave Paris. So how am I supposed to know what to send with the movers and what to get rid of? We can send some things back to the US for storage, but only if it's really important. Luckily, I've been in a very "simple living" mindset and so far, have been tossing stuff in boxes left and right. We have an orphanage a few neighborhoods away and we take most of our stuff there. Anything they can use for the kids, they take, and everything else they sell in a secondhand store to make money for the kids.

I added another complication myself by looking in our Paris and France Guide Books. While feeling impressed by how much in Paris and in France I've seen these last four years, I found a few places that I want to visit. We have a trip planned to Burgandy at the end of this month and maybe we'll go in September to where my husbands' ancestors are from in Brittany. I have a longer list in Paris, of about 20 things, and I hope to get them all in. I had my husband mark what he really wants to see and I'll save those for weekends. Everything else, I'll go on weekdays with whoever wants to go and will happily join me, despite my "baby on hip". My Mom is visiting just until next week and we have done a few museums and other stuff. We had a few meltdowns, with the accompanying stares from the French, since they don't take their kids out very much- in fact, I know many Moms who DON'T WORK and have Nannies. But other than that, she is very portable and such a good girl for all our outings. I even found a particular container for her baby food, that if I heat up to steaming hot before we leave, will be warm over an hour later!

The final complication to all this...

... is this!
She is not only crawling at lightning speed around the house, but now she can drag toys with her. So as I chase her to those hidden corners where she has inevitably found something that she shouldn't have, I trip over toys on my way!

Ahhhh... you "can't wait" for them to reach these milestones, and then you realize you shouldn't have been in such a hurry!

So, my question is this... what should I take in my 5 suitcases and 3 carry-ons? (I say 5 suitcases, rather than 6, because one item will be our Jogging Stroller.) I know that sounds like a lot of luggage, but remember that it's for over three months. And we'll be there for some major fall weather changes and one long trip to Florida. Any ideas of what we could pack or how we could pack to make the most of our space? If you've seen my last post about travelling with an infant, don't worry, those ideas are already in place. I will definitely be buying diapers there, but I can't go overboard and buy toys, baby feeding items, clothes, because our life is here. We have that stuff and I don't want to waste money. Please, any help? Any ideas?


Laane said...

Are you staying with someone?
Sure you can borrow things from them?

Always take a cardigan with you, and a coat that is fit for all weather.
You can wear each one only or both together.

Take always something with you that gives you a feeling of home.

Iw ishy ou a great time!

carrie said...


I was going to make the same suggestions Laane did. I think borrowing is a great solution if you know people who have baby stuff. And I am also big on layers. I'm sure this is a daunting task--hope it will go smoothly!

Susan said...

Looks like Laane and Carrie did good suggestions ahead of me. We are heading in December for 3 weeks in CO & OK. We are now sending out emails to friends asking to borrow specific items, especially for baby. We are even asking if anyone has an extra car that we can pay a fee to use around town for a couple of weeks. We will see how it works out. Good luck and it will interesting to see how this journey for the next few months goes. Will you be able to blog during this time?

Oh and thank you for giving an update on the ABC mats. We do have a couple of Toys R US in Berlin. Will check them out!