Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Horrible at Posting Lately!

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone, but I have been horrible about posting. I also have starred about 20 posts on my blog reader and haven't commented on most of them. I promise, I'm here, just really busy. I'm not going to even post a Works-For-Me-Wednesday this week, because my Mom is in town. With her here, it has reminded me of all the stuff I still want to see in Paris, so we have been doing a lot of sight-seeing. In fact, she is getting ready and then we are out the door for more adventures, with baby in tow! I have a lot of pictures to put up when I have time next week.
I also have been using the time my Mom spends with Love Bug to get more of the house ready for the move. I work through each room and have 4 different piles going:
1) take to Italy
2) put in storage
3) give away
4) trash.
So far I have two of three bedrooms done and most our big pantry. That just leaves our bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and our balcony. Once I box up the "give away" stuff, clear out the trash, and make a clear separation of stuff to move/stuff to store, I then go back and make a list of anything that we need to include in our luggage to survive three months. Thanks for every one's advice on the last post- it is so great and really helpful!
My goal is to get the rest of the house cleaned out by next Monday. So, I'll be back to posting more and commenting more then, but for now, wish me and my trash bags/give away boxes luck!


carrie said...


Hang in there with the sorting, and have fun with your mom!

Susan said...

Have a great time with mom. I love Paris, what fun to show it off!

Debi said... certainly are busy! But how nice to have your mom there, both to help out and to just have fun with!