Thursday, August 2, 2007


Lately I'm feeling very homesick and I can hardly wait... seven weeks from now I'll be back in the United States. Even if it's just for three months, it will be great, and will recharge me for the move to Italy. I love France, and I truly think that if I didn't know I was leaving soon, I wouldn't be homesick at all.

One thing I really miss is our summer weather. Everywhere I have lived before Paris has had true "summer" weather. Some places and some days hotter than others, some places and some days more humid than others, but after French summers for 4 years, I'm done. It's too cold (mostly highs in the low 70s and in the 50s at night) and not sunny enough (most days have at least one long, gray period, maybe followed by sun... and about half of the days there is some type of rain from light drizzle to downpour). Don't get me wrong, when my family in the mid-west was battling negative Fahrenheit temperatures and a foot of snow this winter, I was happy to be carrying Love Bug around in a light jacket, since most of the winter is in the 40s and 50s. What I miss the most about summer is early mornings. I hate to get up early, but if I'm forced to, I really do love the feeling outside. The dew on the grass smells so good and the air feels moist. The sun is already coming up and it's so early... it reminds me of swim practice at 7 am and how good the water and air felt after the initial shock of the cold.

I also really miss sandwiches. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I do! I miss delis and sub shops, where you can get whatever bread, meat, cheese, veggies, or sauce you want! Here we have few options. You can usually order ham and crudite (sliced tomatoes and a hunk of lettuce), or ham/cheese/butter (yes, butter), or tuna with veggies. It's very limiting and I JUST WANT A TOASTED WHEAT ROLL, WITH TURKEY, PROVOLONE CHEESE, LETTUCE, ONIONS, AND A LITTLE MAYO. Is this too much to ask? ...Apparently in all of France, it is. Seven weeks until I have a lovely "Nash's" Sub (a place by our old house) and I'm drooling.

I miss cheap prices, I miss quick lines (well, I miss lines period, since they mostly clump here, especially at the post office), I miss street signs that can be seen while driving (I'll have to take a picture for you to believe the mess they've made of street signs here... you'd never believe it otherwise), and I miss general efficiency and customer service.

Okay, enough complaining. I think I'm going to start another post right now and stop this pity party. "What I will miss about France"... and maybe one about "what to look forward to in Italy"!

Oh, and in other news Love Bug was forced the use the cup the other day and I'm encouraged that it went so well! She is still on breast milk usually, but the other day she got sick when she tried blueberries. After she threw up a few times, I decided to check the American Academy of Pediatrics book since she had never vomited before. I followed their program, which is no breast milk until they can tolerate some clear fluid. I gave her a cup of water with a little apple juice for taste and after a few refills, we were ready to go back to our regular nursing. She moved back to food after about a day and all is well again! A note to other Moms... just try a few blueberries... if it doesn't go well, they stain everything!

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Susan said...

Ohhh, I understand homesick. I miss customer service and Mexican food in Germany. Thank goodness we have Subway here for normal sandwiches if I get desperate! I am going home for 3 weeks at Christmas and visiting a couple of other states during this time.