Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was inspired today by Carrie's post about road trip signs. I decided to post a few of my favorite signs that I've found on my travels. These were not from a road trip, but a cruise that we took a few years ago. It's fresh in my mind, because now that I'm home and my daughter actually sleeps a few hours a day, I've been catching up on my scrapbooks. Sadly, I'm still in 2003-2004, but maybe by next year (if I work 4 hours a day, every day!) I'll be caught up with 2008.

Anyway, these are the two signs that I just love:

(Click on this one to see it up close...)

This one is for a toilet that I used. I love that it's in English... they really do cater to us all over the world folks, it's true!
The atmosphere was pretty magical... err, clean anyway. Unlike many other toilets I went in that week. (Not the cruise ship... it was fabulous and clean.)

(Again, click to see it up close...)
This other picture is just outside a watch "stall" on the side of the road. You gotta love their honesty!

Last few pictures are my actual favorites, but they're more meaningful and not so funny...

This first one is of my husband and I inside the 24,000 seat amphitheater in Ephesus. Yes, you've heard that name before, as in the bible chapter "Ephesians". This amphitheater was where Paul preached about Jesus to thousands of people, and we were standing where he stood. It was truly an incredible place to visit.

This one is of the amphitheater from far away... look at all those seats- and just over 2,000 years old. So impressive.

I don't talk about my faith much, because I think it's a very personal thing, but this last shot was very special to me. This is the front of the "House of Mary". It's just a few miles from Ephesus and is the house where most historians are almost 90% sure Mary lived at the end of her life. As a catholic this is a very sacred site for us, but I was pleasantly surprised to see many Muslims praying there. Our Muslim guide explained that Jesus is an important prophet and as his mother, Mary has a high important to them also.
All of us in that small house, of many different backgrounds, praying together... if only it was that simple everyday, in the rest of the world.

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carrie said...

Great, pix. Thanks for sharing, A! I love the funny signs! What a cool trip.