Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Anniversary...

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! We went out to dinner and had a babysitter... it was lovely. We decided to go to an Italian place (yes, in France), but we had a good reason. I haven't talked about it yet, but... we are MOVING to ITALY. In a few months, we will be leaving France and spending a few months in the US with family and friends, before heading back to Europe to live in Italy for 3 years. We're very excited and have been studying the language on the side and renting Italian movies. So, we thought the perfect anniversary dinner would be along those lines. And if past experience is any indication, I will really like Italians. Every time I've been there to visit, they are so friendly. It's a little crazy and Mediterranean (they don' t line up for anything, just clump, and things get done very slowly) but that's okay. It's an adventure.

For our anniversary, B got me a beautiful purple/pink/crystal necklace and earring set here. It's perfect and since I wear so much purple and pink, it will go with a lot of my clothes.

I got him a French Horn for our anniversary and his birthday a few weeks ago... and as you can see he's already back playing again. He's out of practice since college, but he'll get there.

Now we just need to buy some music and start practicing... me on piano and him on the horn. It's been a long time but it would be nice to perform again.

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Kim-n-Cocoa said...

Hi found your blog and think it is so neat that you live in France! I'm an Army brat and lived all over growing up. Now I teach French at a HS in Texas. If you have any life stories of Life in France that you would like to share with a bunch of HS students let me know! How did you get lucky enough to live in France and soon Italy! Wow!