Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Storing Extra Buttons

So many things I buy come with extra buttons, but they always seemed to end up all over the house in random locations: nightstand drawer, sewing kit, or the junk drawer. I finally got tired of finding them all over the house (and knew I'd never find the one I needed that way), so I collected them all and gathered them in one place. Next, I took them each out of their little baggies or envelopes and put them in color families, which in our house is black/gray, brown, white, and colors. I found the bigger, more sturdy baggies and put each group in the bag and tossed them in my sewing kit. Now when I get a new shirt or pair of pants and find an extra button, I put it on top of my jewelry box and when I have a second, I throw them in their little baggies in my sewing kit.
The nice bonus is that you can always find a few for a shirt or skirt you gave away and they are really cute to use in scrapbooks or for kids crafts!
The other bonus is that those extra little baggies can come in handy for storing all types of things. We host a lot of parties and have a lot of wine glass markers (those little charms on round clasps, to go around the stem of the wine glass). So I put the different sets in each little baggy, rather than keeping them all in those bulky boxes.
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Jane said...

I have a similar system. I use an old cosmetic case and stick them in there. I never thought to reuse the little bags tho. Pretty handy for many small things I bet!