Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Incredible Dad

My Dad really was incredible... and I had no idea that he was for a long time. I think when you are little, you see your friends' Dads and really don't think anything of it. You may compare jobs or how strong they are, but I don't think you understand just how great they are until you grow up and see them from an adult view. And not only was my Dad really great at being a Dad, but he was an amazing, accomplished person. I've seen people use their 100th post to list 100 things about themselves (which I will probably do, if I can think of 100 things), but today, I'm going to use my 58th post to list 58 incredible things about my Dad.

1. He loved that convertible (seen in picture above).
2. He always joked that he was going to pick up chicks in that car.
3. We all knew he was joking because of the way he looked at my Mom- you could just see how much he loved her.
4. It was his first impractical car.
5. He used to carpool to work because we only had one car when I was little.
6. He worked on weekends and holidays, but really loved his job.
7. He never brought his work home and could always just enjoy being with our family.
8. He worked in the same profession (coaching football) his whole life.
9. He was drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals.
10. He loved basketball and baseball too.
11. He sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at a few major league baseball games.
12. He had a beautiful singing voice.
13. He was Tevye (the lead) in "Fiddler On the Roof" in high school.
14. He was student conductor of his high school choir.
15. He played the violin too.
16. He could still play a few songs until the end of his life.
17. He wrote poetry and a poem he wrote in high school was on the back of the program at his Memorial Service.
18. He was artistic and loved to draw.
19. I asked him once to draw a picture of me with my dog, and got so mad because he drew a picture of her biting me.
20. He loved to tease.
21. If he teased you, he really liked you.
22. He teased my Mom, brother and I all the time.
23. He loved to laugh and told great stories about his life and job.
24. He used to make up funny stories or scary stories for us at bedtime.
25. He rarely read to us because we liked his stories better.
26. He also gave us baths and let us splash, as long as we "didn't tell Mom".
27. We had Family Game Night and he didn't usually let us win.
28. I think that was good.
29. He taught us a lot about life and that it can be really good or really difficult.
30. He made sure that he and my Mom were there to catch us when the life lesson was difficult.
31. He was never afraid to correct us and discipline us.
32. That was okay because he was never afraid to love us either.
33. Every time my Mom, brother, or I hung up the phone with him, we always said "I Love You" and gave each other a "kiss" on the phone.
34. My Mom and I now keep that tradition on the phone.
35. My parents' 31st anniversary was the day before he died.
36. They met in high school on student council.
37. Their first date was a hockey game.
38. They weren't big hockey fans, but they loved to play golf together.
39. They were members of golf clubs at home and in Florida, where they had a condo.
40. My Dad always wanted to go to their condo.
41. My Mom loved Florida, but also wanted to vacation other places once in a while.
42. In Florida, my Dad loved to go watch sunsets.
43. He also loved lighthouses and took pictures of the ones he visited.
44. He bought those miniature lighthouse models of his favorites.
45. We tried to visit a lighthouse in France on one of their visits.
46. It was ugly, but the pictures of the clam fishing were neat.
47. We went to Normandy on that same trip and he loved it.
48. He loved historical sights and reading biographies.
49. He was a history major in college.
50. He had such respect for veterans and honored those that died in war.
51. He looked up those cliffs at Omaha Beach and said it was awesome.
52. He loved the word "awesome" and used it to describe anything amazing or incredible.
53. He also said he was "doing great!" anytime you asked him.
54. He was always very positive.
55. He was a huge personality and filled any room with energy.
56. That's why he's so missed now.
57. He would be proud that I've been positive though everything and can honestly say "I'm going great".
58. I hope I can pass this ability to be positive on to Love Bug.

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Jacquie said...

What a nice post, a little insight to your Dad. I miss mine too. When I think of what my girls will remember of Grandpa it really saddens me.