Sunday, June 3, 2007

Caution: Low Tolerance Ahead

We had my husband's work friends over last night and had a great time. At a end of the evening, I was looking for a little something to drink. The Love Bug seemed to be down for the evening, so no concern over alcohol in my breast milk, and hey... it's the weekend. So, as I was about to pour myself a small glass of wine, I noticed a little left in the bottle that we used for the kids, so I poured it into a large glass and added just the teeniest bit (maybe a half of a shot) of rum. I used to love those kind of drinks in college and it's only been a few years... right?

Well, a few years (especially after having a baby) is a long time. Within minutes I felt tingly, and immediately poured the rest down the sink and got a big glass of water. B (the hubby) thought this was really funny and just laughed at how concerned I was over feeling a little tipsy. But he was right... within a few minutes I was fine. I guess nine months of not drinking during pregnancy, and another 7 months of almost nothing since she's been born, mean that I'll have to stick to only the weekend glass of wine from now on!

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Jacquie said...

Tee hee I remember half a bottle of beer being my downfall LOL.