Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back From Vacation

Well, we made it home from our first long vacation with Love Bug. Our trip back to the US in April didn't count because my Mom has a nursery already set up for our 6 week stay this fall and B's parents had a travel crib and some toys. It was good overall, except that our upstairs neighbors were extremely loud and so Love Bug woke up in the middle of the night on two different nights. Hard for us, but sometimes I forget that many Moms are still dealing with night waking at 8 months! Our girl is such a good sleeper and we're so blessed.
One thing that isn't going well for Love Bug is teething. She's been drooling, whining a little more at night, and chewing on everything for two months. When are these teeth coming in?
She also has gloriously fast growing nails. They will be more glorious when she's older and can appreciate the long, luxurious quality, but right now, they make me mad. She likes to scratch her ears when she's feeding and if they are too long, she gets little cuts in her ears and they bleed like crazy! What is it about ears that makes them bleed so much?

*NOTE: She does not have an ear infection... I already got that checked. The doctor said that some babies just suck so hard that their ears getting tingly, so they scratch.*

Anyway, other than the two sleepless nights, massive drool and ear blood, vacation was good for Love Bug. Since we were in the country and out of the city (Paris), many people stopped to say how cute she was and she got fawned over all week. They also commented on how much she smiles and I loved my Mom's reaction to that comment... "She's American. We smile." It is true that the French don't smile, even babies, and I find myself scowling a lot in public to avoid looking so foreign. But it's not being mean, rude, or any type of frown... it's just not a smile.

Mommy and Daddy didn't have so much fun... but that will have to wait for my next post!

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