Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Works-For-Me-Wednesdays: Sturdy Plastic Bags

Regular plastic bags can be so dangerous around kids, so I have saved all those sturdy plastic bags (with the zippers) from the Love Bug's toys, cloth books, Rob.eez shoes, even sheet sets, etc. Now I use those bags to organize things in my diaper bag or when we go on a trip.

Some of my favorite uses:
- for baby food, utensils, bibs, and extra burp cloths
- to compile one complete outfit with socks and shoes
- for toys, books or bath toys
- for bath supplies and diaper change supplies
- for bath towels or blankets...

It makes it so easy to just grab the bag, unzip, and everything you need for one task is right there. And with the different sizes, they can hold all different loads, from a few small jars of baby food and bibs, all the way to a big load of toys and books. It also helps when I arrive at anyplace I visit, so I can easily grab all the bags. I put the bath toys/towels in the bathroom and the feeding supplies in the kitchen.

One last use is as a place to store all items that you don't need anymore. Love Bug's tub came with a sling for a newborn. Now that she doesn't need it anymore, I cleaned it, and put it in one of the small bags. That way, when she's too big for the baby tub, we can tape the bag to the back of the tub (with the sling inside) and it won't get dirty or lost.

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