Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Baby Calendar

I'm brand new to this "Works-For-Me-Wednesday" thing. so bear with me!

My idea is for any Mom who has a new baby- it's called the "Baby Calendar". You get a weekly planner to cover at least a significant portion of the first year, attach a pen somehow, and just start writing. I got one with Paris scenes since the Love Bug was born here. You can fill in things every day, or every few days, and it can be any variation of importance. It's an easy way to keep track of important things that happen in your baby's first year and will help you fill in gaps in your baby book, if you keep one. It also helps with organization of photos, because you look back to what day you went to the zoo, for example. Then you can find zoo pictures on your camera by date. Since most of us have cameras with more pictures than we can handle (that need to be downloaded), this makes it easier to find and then print those to add to the baby book/photo albums.

Some sample entries in mine:
"Grabbed a toy in the bath tub"
"When we sing to you, sometimes you 'sing' with us"
"Nana came to visit"
"Rolled over back to front"
"First time to visit Daddy at work"

Another bonus is keeping track of info for the doctor. When Love Bug got a rash, I wrote it in. So after our visit to Dr. McDreamy, I could look back and see that it had gone away in two weeks, so no need to call him with an update.

And as a side note, the idea comes from my mother and is one my Mother used for us. I can assure you that your children will love it. I loved looking at my calendar and seeing all the little and big things that happened. I could see just how much my Mom loved me and all that she did with me and for me that first year.

Want some REALLY great ideas, visit the host of "Works-For-Me-Wednesdays" at Rocks In My Dryer.


MrsB said...

This is an awesome idea!! My baby is almost 2 months old so I really need to do this.

carrie said...

I enjoyed finding your blog through WFMW. I actually spent a summer near Paris while I was in college--I lived in St. Germain-en-Laye.

I am a new mom, too, (also stay-at-home) with a son who will be 5 months on May 20.

Also, I noticed we share the same b-day--Jan. 24, 79!

Fun to "meet" new people via blogs . . .