Friday, May 4, 2007

We're back!

We're back from our two week trip to the US. It was wonderful! B and I are exhausted, but the Bug is doing so well! She handled the 7-hour time change like a champ, and two days later is already back on her normal bedtime schedule. Here are some highlights:

- The Spring Football Game for NU was fun and the day was sunny- everyone but the Bug got a tan!

- The Charity Auction raised a lot of money and was super swanky... a nice date night for us while Adrienne babysat.

- My Dad's induction to the Hall of Fame was really nice. They showed the video from his Memorial Service and while it made me sad, I also smiled at all the good times. My Mom (Nana) accepted the award and gave a moving speech.

- Love Bug's Christening was beautiful! She looked so pretty in her dress and that party afterwards was wonderful!

- The Love Bug got to see lots of family and met so many people for the first time, including her cousins.

And the question that everyone asks?
The flights went so well! Nine hours is long, but Love Bug barely cried on either flight.
Going there... she was so good and didn't cry until the last half hour, probably due to ear pressure on the descent. Everyone around us praised us for how good she was and when I apologized for the crying at the end, one woman said, "after 9 hours, that's how we all felt!"
Coming home... she cried a little going up, but fell asleep after about 2 hours and slept until we got home... to our house! That's the good news...
... and the bad news? The other baby two rows in front of us cried almost the whole flight and Mommy got no sleep! Oh well...

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