Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Attack of the Brats (Part 2)

On Sunday we went to the 35th birthday party for a friend here in Paris. She doesn't have any children yet, though she is pregnant. Her house is not really prepared for children since it's early, but was gracious enough to allow us all to bring our children.

Most were babies like Love Bug, but one couple brought their two and a half year old daughter, let's call her "Cutie". She was very cute, playing, and generally not getting into any trouble... at first.

It started with potty training and her peeing on the floor. This happens, but then "things" just kept happening. Cutie started playing with some of their decor. Her Mom asked her to stop multiple times, but didn't do anything about it. Finally, after many empty threats, Cutie broke something hanging by the front door, so her Mom was embarrassed and took her into the dining room where a bunch of us were gathered. Next, Cutie started picking sprinkles off the top of the birthday cake and eating them. I thought maybe Cutie's Mom didn't notice, but she just kept asking her to stop. Finally, she tried to pick up the cake and got sprinkles and glaze all over her fingers!

Now... please someone help me! Where does she get off allowing her daughter to touch foods that adults are about to eat? I can understand if she didn't catch her in time before she did it the first, or even second time, but we're talking 5 or more times! I don't condone playing with food obviously, but if Cutie wanted to do this, and Mom didn't want to stop her, then she could have just cut a piece for Cutie to play with and eat.

Finally, when enough adults gave disgusted looks, Cutie's Mom was embarrassed again and gave her a chocolate cookie so that she could "play with her own food". After she ate it and sat for a little longer, Cutie got up and there is was! To the host's dismay, she rubbed her fingers on the white seat cushion of one of the dining room chairs and got dark chocolate smudges all over it!

So, regarding my post from last Friday, I have something to add...

Yes, I repeat, if couples don't offer child care for their "adult only" weddings, then they cannot be upset when some people cannot come.
But at the same time, we as parents cannot be upset about "adult only" weddings, until things like I've written about above stop happening.

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