Sunday, April 1, 2007

Loving the New Sleep Pattern/Baby Gear Preview

It is so nice to have the Love Bug just go to bed without the fanfare. We're now on night 6 of putting her to bed when it's bedtime, whether she's asleep or not. B & I have experienced a range of no crying/asleep in seconds, up to crying for about 10 minutes. But even the 10 minutes wasn't consistent... the longest consistent crying we've had is about 5 minutes. The few minutes we've had to let her cry are hard, but I just remind myself that we are so blessed and lucky that it is only a few minutes. Many parents who attempt this are at it for 20 minutes or more. Good thing it's not me; I'm such a wimp that Love Bug would never be sleep trained. In fact, I'm such a wimp, that if Love Bug was not such a easy-going little thing, I would probably have her rocked to sleep, in bed with us, until she was 16.

We had some friends over last night who are 3 months pregnant. Well, she is technically pregnant, but I know some people get insulted when the couple isn't jointly referred to as pregnant. To those people, talk to me about you both being "pregnant" after your body's 9-month science experiment, the joy of giving birth/c-section, and swollen, leaky breastfeeding breasts. Trust me, in our house, "I" was pregnant and my sweet husband B & I were jointly "expecting". Anyway, the parents-to-be watched in awe as Love Bug cooed and smiled all night, giggled during her bath, played in her baby gym while we ate dinner, and then went to bed with just a few minutes of light crying before falling asleep. I hope for them, and for many of my friends, to be so blessed with such an easy-going baby.

I also got to coach her up on what baby gear I love and what I found silly. It made me realize that I have a few pregnant friends who read this as well, so I'm going to probably post a few new pictures this week and then hopefully, by the end of the week, have my "Baby Gear Must-Have and Don't-Need List" up for you all to read too. When buying, I would ask a lot of new Moms and Dads for advice, and read the comments/check the ratings on the merchant websites. Also, keep your advisor in mind. When it comes to strollers, listen to me if you live in a very urban environment. When it comes to furniture and gear, listen to me if you live in a city apartment and don't have tons of room. If you live in a big house, with a big yard, and drive all over, then find a Mom/Dad with your lifestyle and see what works best for them!

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