Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter... and other family updates

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter... we are great here, in the land of ABC!

Our porch with all the planted window boxes (if you look really closely!)

One window box, just as an example...

It was great to be able to plant flowers this week in time for Easter. Now, we'll clean the porch off and we can start eating out there. And it's perfect timing with the Bug starting solids in a few weeks. We'll just cart the high chair outside so we all can eat and enjoy the fresh air. She is already 16.5 pounds... so she is right on target to be double her birth weight by the time she is 6 months old at the beginning of May. All on breast milk... no supplements, etc. which makes me pretty proud of us. It hasn't always been easy (especially since I have my usual "one last mid-April cold, and can't take medicine... uh!), but we did it. I know so many people who have had to supplement with formula. The plan is to slowly reduce the number of nursing sessions each day, as we add solids. We'll see when Love Bug weans, but right now I hope she'll start to do it on her own around a year old. If she can start asking for milk in complete sentences... we might move to forced weaning... let's hope it doesn't get there!
Sleep training is still... non-existent really, in a good way. She has never cried more than a few minutes when we put her down. And most days, she just coos and talks to herself before drifting off... it's wonderful and such a blessing to a wimpy Mom like me.
But like I said before, for all the Bug's sweet disposition, I know I'll be paid back double with the next baby... but that's okay. She/He will be darling and worth it all. That's the biggest lesson you learn with children, they are worth everything you do for them, and then some.

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