Monday, March 26, 2007

Zzzzz... (Part 3)

Tonight the Love Bug went to bed all by herself!
Here is the story:

Today we went got up as usual around 9 am and had her normal schedule of awake for 3 hours, then one more nursing session before napping for a few hours. In the afternoon, we went to the Park, and laid in the sun, playing with a few of her toys for about an hour (of course, with 45 spf sunscreen- if you're reading this, Aunt L). But her schedule changed at this point. Love Bug stayed up through her afternoon nap and only took a short evening nap. By 11:00 pm (her normal bedtime) I could tell that she was exhausted, but was fighting sleep so hard. I nursed her and we sang to her, which usually puts her to sleep. Finally, after she was bucking and fussing, I just decided to try to put her down and see if she was just so exhausted that she needed complete calm to fall asleep.

After 10 minutes of some babbling and playing, she was out! It is great for us, but also such a milestone for her. It still doesn't mean she'll do this every night, but there is hope!

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