Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Zzzzz... (Part 2)

We decided to move the Love Bug into her own room last night. It has been a hard decision for me (I know, I'm a wimp), but I really like having her close by. The final decision to move her now was made because everyone I've talked to said if you don't do it around the 3 - 4 month mark, it could be more difficult later. It was also getting necessary because her bassinet was only made for babies up to 15 lbs. and the Love Bug is just over that now. Dr. Eye Candy advised us to move her now and said that she would be fine, given that she already sleeps easily for 8 - 10 hours a night. He was surprised (as we've been) that she sleeps so long and well at this young age.

I think it's also good for us as a couple. Poor B can hardly roll over to hug or kiss me in bed without me whispering, "Shhh... the bed is squeaking and will wake up Love Bug". Poor guy deserves his wife back... and frankly, I could use better sleep. I discovered that the sound of the monitor is much quieter than the actual baby in person.

I was a little worried about how she would adjust to a different space, but it went wonderfully. Love Bug is just such a good sleeper, how could I expect any less? We had her humidifier in her room, so she probably didn't even notice that she couldn't hear Mommy and Daddy sleeping next to her anymore. When we walked in this morning, she was cooing and talking to herself... and was her usually sunny self. Maybe she even slept better without the disruption of us sleeping next to her!

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