Saturday, March 10, 2007


This blog is usually about the Love Bug, but I had to share this great story about my husband. B and my Mom share a special bond: their love of crossword puzzles. So, since my Mom is visiting this week, they are copying the daily crossword and working on them. They share hints and usually help each other towards the end when they get stuck. They were doing a new one last night and B got stuck on one section. As he leaned over to look at the clue my Mom was pointing to, he saw a particular clue (upside down from his side of the table) and wondered aloud what it was... "What's STELMO?", he says.
It was a clue about a type of fire and the answer was "St. Elmo". With the lack of capitalization (they both work in all uppercase) and punctuation, it doesn't make as much sense as St. Elmo... but that doesn't mean that him saying that was any less funny. My Mom and I laughed all night and kept calling him Stelmo. We even played one of my favorite games last night, Phase 10 (if you don't know about it, go buy it) and every time B did something funny, we'd say, "Good job, Stelmo"... "ohh, bad cards, Stelmo". I think it might be the type of thing where you "have to be there", but we enjoyed ourselves so much! I love when my Mom visits. I love how close my husband is to my family. He is the brother my brother never had. And when my Dad was alive, they loved to talk football and of course, make fun of me!

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