Thursday, March 1, 2007

Our Brave Girl

Today the Love Bug went in for her 4 month well-baby visit. She is doing so well... all her development is right on track or ahead, and she is very healthy (with the exception of a little dry skin around her mouth from all the drool). Her weight is at 80th percentile, her height at 55th percentile, and her head circumference is 75th percentile.
But the big news is that Love Bug had two vaccines today and she was so good. As the doctor did the first one, she made a funny face, then stuck her bottom lip out in the almost cry...

then nothing.

She went right on smiling and cooing at me. Well, when Dr. Eye Candy went in for the second shot, I thought she would howl... but no, just a small unhappy look, small squeak, and then a big smile for Mommy. I'm so proud of her! She actually did cry when I had to wake her up to be examined. Poor Dr. EC was being so patient and talking to her in a sweet voice, but every time I tried to put her down on the table, she bawled. Oh well... she did cheer up once she got over the shock of being woken up abruptly and was a peach the rest of the time!

Yeah for our brave girl!

NOTE: Dr. Eye Candy is not my name for him... it was already given to him by my friends, who all take their kids to see him, and it is a great way to keep it anonymous. If you are curious though, he is very cute... and very available for my single friends. Remember girls, she has another well-baby check up at 6 months, 9 months, and just before we leave. You could tag along! About the only thing better than a cute pediatrician, who lives in Paris, is my husband... and sorry, he's taken!

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