Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rolling Over

B had the Love Bug on her tummy, so he could take a few pictures of her up pushing up with her hands yesterday. She has been doing a lot of "tummy time" play and is getting very skilled at pushing up with her hands and holding her chest and head very high. Suddenly, with a quick movement, she kicked one leg and rolled over onto her back! It was not intentional, because she seemed surprised and almost unhappy about it. But it happened and she seemed more pleased when we fawned over her. How exciting! I wish that we would've known it was coming or we could have taken a video. We'll get one of her rolling over soon and figure out how to link it on the blog.
This has really made me think about how my baby is no longer a newborn. She is wearing 3 - 6 month clothes and really looks so grown up in her face and movements. Just walking around the bathroom, holding her on my hip, reminds me of how much she's changed. Now she is steady, head held up on her own... when it seemed like a few days ago, she had to be cradled carefully. I can't believe how fast the time has gone... and I know it's just going to get faster.

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