Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mothers and Daughters

Sometimes I have this weird feeling that I'm raising my best friend. I feel this way because with the exception of my husband B, my Mom is my best friend. I see the Love Bug and myself, one day having a similar relationship. Don't get me wrong... we won't start out that way. I definitely don't feel the need to have my kids feel that I'm their friend. When it comes to bad behavior, I'm their worst enemy. I want to handle things similarly to the way my own mother did. She was my mother first and disciplined me accordingly... but somewhere in between me telling her everything, planning my wedding, and talking almost every day, she became one of my best friends.

When you say "best" friend, it implies that this person is better than all of your other friends. In the case of my Mom, it's true. She was the one who swooped in, a week after the Love Bug was born, and did the dishes, washed clothes, organized the Love Bug's stuff... and even took some of the night shifts so I could sleep. All without being asked. All with a blissful smile.

This is the thing I'm most thankful for now, because it concerns my place in the world right now, as a new Mom, but there have been so many other wonderful things she's done, I could never list them all, but I'll list a few of my favorites:

She played Rainbow Bright with me, even when she needed to get ready to go out, just because I was nervous about having a new babysitter.

She made a special effort to get to school early to pick me up, when an older girl kept teasing me after school.

She drove back and forth to the hospital, over an hour, to stay with me when I was scared, even though I was an adult... and even when she had to work.

She made every skating costume, Halloween outfit, Easter dress, Christmas dress, and even plans to make a baptism outfit for the Love Bug.

She made cupcakes for my class for every birthday, brought food for every school party (because she was always a room mother), and even made my 3rd birthday cake when she was in labor with my brother (yes, we have the same birthday).

Can I ever be this kind of "best" friend for my Mom? No.
Can I ever do this many great things for her? No.
Can I ever calm her fears, the way she calms mine? No.

But I can do something better... I can do all this for the Love Bug. I can make sure that my Mom never has to worry about her grandchild.

Maybe I can't be my Mom's "best" friend, but I can be Love Bug's.

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