Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look Mom, I've Got Hands!

The newest discovery for the Love Bug is her hands. Obviously, she always knew they were there, because she could suck on her thumbs. But now, she knows that they are actually hers, and controllable! The Bug can hold and shake rattles, grab ahold of hair and necklaces, and will actually reach out for things. Sometimes she seems to want to get rid of something and has not quite figured out how to open her hands, so she just jerks her arm and the “offending” object goes flying!

The other funny thing about this new discovery? Love Bug holds her hands in front of her face and just stares at them for hours... it's so cute. How amazing to get to see their little minds working and churning!

The best thing is that now she can reach out to us when we come get her out of her crib... it's an incredible feeling to be the best thing in her world!

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MoEeNi said...

we have a doughter too: Mahshad (Happy Moon) ... have a nice live / mmoeeni2.blogspot.com