Sunday, February 4, 2007

Feeding on the Airplane

We are trying to plan the Love Bug's baptism for this Spring. The planning is not going very well because we can't find a day that everyone has free. To complicate matters, my in-laws live in the area, but don't really have a "church" they go to, so we don't have any way to connect with a priest who might want to help out with our unique situation. We live overseas and don't currently have a home church in the USA. I'm about to just tell the two godparents to get on a plane and come here.

The other thing I'm a little concerned about is trying to feed the baby on the airplane when we fly back. Lately, there have been two different incidents of mothers on airplanes being told that they need to cover up with a blanket or stop breastfeeding. Well, for anyone out there who has fed a baby and tried to completely cover up with a blanket... let's just say it doesn't work so well. I've tried a few practice runs and the Love Bug just hates having a blanket on her head. Someone at the Embassy suggested that I just take her into the lavatory to feed and my response was... well, I had no response except that my mouth was hanging open. What?!? Feed her in the bathroom? Well, I hope the next time this woman flies (and gets a beef platter), she sits next to a vegetarian on the plane. Hopefully, the vegetarian will complain and the flight attendant will ask HER to sit in the lavatory to eat her beef. Ridiculous and unsanitary! A male co-worker of B's said that he would rather sit right next to me, feeding the Bug, than have me use the bathroom to do it. Don't assume he's just this sensitive wonderful guy, because he proceeded to point out that I would be holding up the bathroom line for 20 minutes. As one who has been on many overseas flights, I can verify that the bathrooms need faster turnover as it is, not a mother feeding her baby. I read the news and I know these babies were older and maybe these women were showing some skin, but it still is strange how weird we get about breastfeeding. Hollywood stars walk on the red carpet with gowns showing much more skin than a breastfeeding mother, and no one has a problem with that. I think we just need a middle ground... less crazy breastfeeding mothers who show everything to make a point... and less crazy prudes who see it as something sexual (which trust me, there is nothing sexy about it).

As for me, I have a few specially made tops that cover EVERYTHING and B next to me to shield the other travellers views...

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