Sunday, January 28, 2007

Smiling and Talking

For the first two months or so, babies really don't do much socializing. They smile a little, especially at the sound of a familiar voice, but that's about it. The Love Bug is so cute, so of course I enjoy her no matter how much she wants to be social. But now, in the third month, I feel like all those sleepless nights are paying off. All my smiles, hugs, and kisses even when sore, exhausted, and defeated are coming back to me ten-fold. Love Bug now smiles for long periods and can now "talk" to me. Her coos, baas, and gees are awesome. Sometimes I feel like when I talk, she answers, so I try to ask her questions and pause to hear her "reply".

I've also noticed that now that she is sleeping through the night, she is refreshed in the morning and seems to be smiling, happy, and that much more excited to see me. Love Bug must know that 8 or 9 hours have passed since she's seen me and therefore, it's thrilling that I'm back. It's amazing, that one, little person can make you feel like a superstar, more important than anyone in the world.

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