Saturday, January 13, 2007

She found her thumb!

The Love Bug is one of those babies who really needs something and the pacifier just didn't work for us. I tried it on a trial basis, to make sure it didn't interfere with breastfeeding. Well, it did. Plus, who wants to reach into the bassinet every 2 minutes and put it back in? Now that we've taken the pacifier away, she has been very unhappy with us. Love Bug had moderate success at getting her thumb in her mouth randomly, but not on a regular basis.

But then... this week... SHE FOUND IT!

It has been so cute to watch and now Love Bug immediately sticks it in her mouth with no trouble. Now when we pick her up after her nap, she is usually sucking her thumb. It keeps her calm for a few minutes until I can go get her. For a mom who feels bad when her baby cries, it's a lifesaver.

Just something I wanted you all to note, since I've already been scolded for "allowing" this... thumb sucking will not hurt the Love Bug's teeth! That is a wives tale. The pediatrician reassured me that it is usually just fine (it can cause minor interference with their bite if they do it for 5 or 6 years, but only VERY RARELY). Plus, I always revert to the "anything that is natural is good" rule... babies suck their thumbs in the womb, for Pete's sake!

UPDATE on 1/23/07... I found out that my girlfriend's daughter, who is almost 8 weeks older than the Love Bug, just found her thumb for the first time a few weeks ago and is finally getting it in her mouth more and more this week. And her daughter isn't sleeping through the night like the Bug.

So, Love Bug is a genious... it's certified now! (hee, hee... only kidding)

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