Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rolling Over Halfway/Delusional Parents

Don't you hate when parents think that their kid is so great? Well, that's me right now. The Love Bug is such a strong baby! I know... this is officially only something that parents get excited about (or possibly grandparents, which is why I'm posting it). Love Bug rolled over halfway... just one good kick with her leg and she will be all the way over!

She can also hold her head up HIGH and has been able to do so since about 1 month old. She also can already put her weight on her legs and stand up. The developmental books say that is a skill that should develop by the fifth month... which is 3 months from now!
I have no delusions that she will be a star on Broadway, or an amazing athlete, or valedictorian of her class at Harvard (but I do think that she could do any or all of those things). For right now, the only delusion I have is that she is so strong, much stronger than average.

But, I'm a new Mom and I'm allowed.

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Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, according to me she is the most adorable baby ever. At least that's what everyone in Denver gets to hear about!!