Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ode to Daddy

We have not had the smoothest of days lately. Love Bug is still sleeping through the night, and feeding better during the day, but is fussy in the evenings and has been sleeping a lot. I suspect that the Love Bug is teething. She doesn't have all the symptoms, but she is drooling like crazy, biting anything she can get in her mouth, and has been fussy, especially when eating. I thought eating would be comforting, but I read yesterday that the sucking actually hurts when they're teething. Poor thing. So, B has been so great and has done everything he could to help me. When she cried while feeding, he sat with us and helped me sing to Love Bug to calm her down. He also stayed up with her last night when I had a temperature. Even now, as I type this, they have both fallen asleep after B rocked her for almost an hour.
So, tonight is the ode to Daddy... he is wonderful and is the sole reason that Love Bug is such a sweet, mellow baby (totally his temperament). I know that I could not have gotten through the last few months without him. The Love Bug is so lucky to have him as a Dad, and I'm even luckier that he is my husband and best friend.
They always say that you get paid back when you have kids, so I'm guessing our next one will be like me. My Mom says that I slept well (once she rocked me to sleep), fed well (of course), and rarely cried (because I was the first born and constantly entertained). But I was also independent, high energy, and in her kind words, very "spirited"... wow, the next time, we're in trouble.

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