Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me (the 24th)

The AMAZING White Chocolate Cheesecake that B made for me!

Wednesday, the 24th was my birthday and I turned 28. B made white chocolate cheesecake and a few friends came over to have cake and champagne. It was really nice and having the Love Bug this year for my birthday made it even sweeter. She is such a blessing, because I was feeling sad all evening. I could not figure out why I was sad, but then I finally realized before I went to bed that I was waiting for my Dad to call. Even though I already talked to my Mom and that's when I would've talked to him too, I was still waiting for it. I can't believe it's been 7 months since he passed away... it still feels so new sometimes.

We talked on the phone often, but birthday phone calls were different. They were longer, more thoughtful... and he would ask me about life. If I could talk to him, I'd tell him that I learned something very important in my 27th year. And it was a lesson he taught me. It's that life is short and that you can't take anything with you. I'm so glad I've traveled all over Europe and now I just want to travel more. I'm so glad I've used the money we have to take cruises, go to wonderful French restaurants for dinner, and give to charities, instead of buying the best clothes or gadgets. I'm so glad that I've taken lots of pictures, made lots of memories, and rarely turned down an invitation to do something fun. I'm so glad that my family and friends know how much I love them, and that HE knew that before he died. But mostly, I'm so glad that I got to be his daughter for 27 years. I'm sure he's sitting on the beach in heaven, drinking a gin and tonic (or maybe a beer, because surely there aren't carbs in heaven), and I just hope he knows that I miss him. I wish I could have told him all that over the phone instead of in my prayers.

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