Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good news...

We just got the news yesterday that I am not a carrier for Tay-Sachs, and a bunch of other genetic disorders. It is a little known fact that French-Canadians have a very high likelihood of being a carrier for Tay-Sachs. Since B is of mixed French-Canadian descent, my OB/GYN wanted me to get tested by a genetic counselor. Well, I got pregnant before we could do it, and I didn't want to be tested during pregnancy. No matter what the results, I would always want the baby, so I kinda felt like testing had no point.

Now that I've had the Love Bug, I decided to get tested to make sure we can prevent problems for our future children. Once we arrived at the genetic counselor's office, I realized it wasn't going to be just one test. She was the sweetest French lady and very calm, but she asked about our family background and decided I should be tested to see if I am a carrier for some other diseases, like cystic fibrosis (which is common among those of mixed Western European heritage, like myself). She took a couple of viles of blood and sent me home to wait and worry! Love Bug had been tested for some things when she was born, but not everything, so I did have some small concerns that if I was positive, then I would have to wait and worry while Love Bug got tested. Even if she was fine, then we would have to have B tested. If he was also positive for the same thing, we'd have to decide if we'd leave it to chance or try genetic counseling when we have other children. I'm not into messing with nature too much, but who wants to knowingly bring a child in this world who may just spend most of their life suffering? Luckily, there is no need for that, because I am negative for everything.

The moral of this story is to get tested, before you get pregnant... it will save you a lot of worry.

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