Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clarity on Feeding Issues

Although Love Bug is now on almost two weeks of sleeping through the night, feeding has not been so easy for us. In an attempt not to share "too much information", I have too much that comes out too fast. If you don't know about all this... well, you don't want to know. My Obstetrician said I should have had at least twins, to use all the milk I produce. It has been very frustrating because Love Bug cries at feeding times and is gagging and choking on more than she can handle. This COULD (in the long run) cause her to stop feeding all together from a negative association and we would have to switch to formula. It's been worrying me and I have been trying a lot of techniques to deal with this issue.

Then, I got some perspective last night. I was searching online for help with "feeding problems" and I found a link to a blog of another Mom. She has two foster children, who are 13 months and 2 months, and they hope to adopt them soon. The biological parents did not do the right things in the prenatal period and the children have ended up with feeding tubes. She cannot feed them bottles, soft foods, or anything. They have to be fed directly into their stomachs. Talk about getting perspective! I am agonizing over the remote possibility of having to switch to formula and she is dealing with tubes, medications, special diets, etc. On top of all this, she doesn't even know if she'll get to keep the kids and has current court battles with both biological families. What an amazing woman she is - a true hero.

I think sometimes I just need a reminder to have some perspective.

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